While trekking through miles of coastal savanna south of Vinton Louisiana, a place called Pine Ridge in the middle of the Refuge, I came across two things that day that left me with a new insight to life, The first being in the middle of the marsh grasses, without a tree bigger than a shrub, when out of the corner of my eye I spy a huge brown mass rising from the grass no more the 20 yards away, with his mass standing 6 foot at the shoulder, and shaking furiously , the dust and matted grass and mud flying, the Creature turns towards me and with the full frontal stare, I realized I was standing there looking into the eyes of a Bison.

Now with this being Cajun Country deep into southwest Louisiana, in the middle of the marsh, I expected many things, and in all honesty this was not one of them, I had a moment where it was almost silly to think, WOW !!! now what,

I had no idea that this animal was out here, and what sort of temperament it was going to have, and what should i do next, Now I spent sometime up in the Alaska, and expected to see Brown bears, and I did, but not one of them surprised me like this fellow did, So it was a stand off, Me watching him and him watching me!

The moments passed and he shook that incredibly big head with horns, and turned to the right and started to amble off to the east, so I turned and started to amble off to the west, I a sure you I turned and look back more than he did, Now on reaching the Ranch I discovered that there is a herd, belonging to the Gray Estate, and they roam most of the reserve or Pine Ridge or just anywhere they would like to go.

The next day being prepared with the Buffalo info, I headed out with my camera, and discovered the answer to a common mystery, what happened to that Bull? well as you can see it is common for animals to meet their end, and as this one had in a bog, near a pound, it’s remains slowly disappeared and I found all that was left, It had fit into it’s surroundings very well , and has over the years become a favorite.

As always !!!