Cajun in a Box, Cooking Class!

Chicken & sausage

Gumbo Cooking!

Learn the way we cook a gumbo! I have seen a lot of gumbo's, & tasted some too! Our personnel Cajun Chef services in Lake Charles
All delicious, with our secrets, you can cook a great gumbo with all the know how. Just like they do " Down the Bayou "!
Ponce Special

Sauces !

Step by step, Slowly we cook a sauce, like life most good things can't be rushed unless you open a can or jar!
Prep, ingredients, and a good black pot, Well you Know!


I have a dutch oven that never misses a gravy, wow this pot has been feeding us from the time of my grand ma on Mom's side.!


Cookin outside!

Our favorite way to cook, from the wood stove, to the fireplace, and on a pit of any kind,the outdoors, the fresh air, and the breeze through the Spanish moss, at a butcher, or a breakfast learn to do this, and you will learn about "Outdoor Kitchens" !



Easy to do, equipment inexpensive, last long time, Ingredients, fresh out ta bayou, bays, ponds, and seafood markets!
a trip to catch some crab, or Craw fish, a great day in the sun, with the kids, prep, easy, ingredients simple, Safety a must, fire & boiling water. Anytime we enjoy our selves, Know the rules to be safe.

Seafood !

We have a lot of seafood days here @ Cajun in a Box, Along with everything else we eat " Seafood is our favorite " !
We know it's yours Too.

Chicken Sauce Piquant!

A chicken sauce piquant, will cure what ails you! Lonely, heartbroken, broke, or just hungry,  Cajun in a Box is "Famous" for our sauce Piquant,(pleasantly stimulating or exciting to the mind.) We like it because it's our favorite.

Cajun in a Box "Boxes"!

Our Boxes are designed just for your special event. Our boxes come in different sizes and you can order your in our Cajun in a Box Mercantile!


Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

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